Refinishing Staircases

Many of our clients live in homes where the staircase is a dramatic architectural element of their home. Many of these homes were built in the 80s or 90s and the colors may be a bit dated. We have the answer!

Many of these clients have changed flooring finishes and now the staircase looks out of place. For this, we mask and protect all work areas and access areas. We then prep, seal and stain your staircase OR, often times we stain the handrail and paint the spindles a different color. Either way, we are well qualified to advise you on the best option for what you are trying to accomplish.

Even if your existing staircase is painted, we have staining techniques that will work over your previously painted staircase.

All of our finishes are applied with HVLP sprayers (similar to what is used for car painting), this atomizes the finishes to give you the richest look and feel available!

Call us now to re-finish, re-stain, or re-paint your staircase!