Door Refinishing / Resurfacing

Another reason one might want a professional finisher is for a better long-term value for their dollar spent. There are specialized product for different uses. In the case of refinishing your front doors or refinish your garage doors, a UV stabilized / Full exposure product needs to be used. If traditional products are used in those locations, fading and flaking of the finish are almost guaranteed.

In those cases, if we are staining, we use the General Finishes 'Exterior' stains General Finishes - Exterior Finishes and we finish it with several coats of General Finishes Exterior 450 Clear Coat. What makes this specific for this application is that this formulation expands and contracts with the weather without cracking.

Again, all the colors on the link are affected by the species of wood they are going on AND can be diluted down to the exact tone the customer is looking for.

We also have a technique to make your metal / fiberglass look stained. We do this by doing a base coat of General Finishes Milk Paint

then we seal it and apply by hand General Finishes Exterior Stain then finish with General Finishes Exterior 450 Clear Coat.

Another popular look are the General Finishes Milk Paints finished with General Finishes Exterior 450 Clear Coat in Flat