Doors are gateways of the home and in some cases, your guests’ first impression. And having a professional finisher ensures better long-term value for your dollar spent. We are well-versed in the specialized products suited to your various projects.

In the case of refinishing your front doors or garage doors, fading and flaking of the finish are almost guaranteed when traditional products are used. Cabinet Refresh therefore carefully employs a UV stabilized / full exposure formulation which expands and contracts with the weather without cracking, making it the optimal choice for your outdoor surfaces.

If we are staining, we use General Finishes 'Exterior' stains and we finish with several coats of General Finishes Exterior 450 Clear Coat. For clients who wish for a stained look on their metal or fiberglass, we do a base coat of General Finishes Milk Paint, seal it and apply by hand General Finishes Exterior Stain, then finish with General Finishes Exterior 450 Clear Coat. Or for another popular look, we can simply apply General Finishes Milk Paint in the color of your choice and finish with General Finishes Exterior 450 Clear Coat in Flat.


Whatever your vision, Cabinet Refresh knows your options! Call us today for your free in-home consultation.