In many of our clients’ homes, the staircase is a dramatic architectural element of their residence. Yet in a lot of cases, older homes built in the 80s and 90s have staircases that are dated in color or look out of place against more recent flooring updates.

Here at Cabinet Refresh, we have a solution. First, we mask and protect all work areas and access areas. We then prep, seal, and stain your staircase. We have also often stained the handrail and painted the spindles a different color. If your existing staircase is painted, we have staining techniques that will work over the previously painted wood. Whatever your vision, we are well qualified to advise you on the options that best fit your needs.


Our Approach:

We use only the best materials, making sure that they are as non-toxic as possible (low or no V.O.C.) and that your investment lasts. Working almost exclusively with General Finishes products, we go the extra step by applying nearly all of our finishes horizontally when possible. We spray with 4-stage turbine HVLP sprayers (similar to sprayers used for car painting) to best atomize our finishes for a smooth feel and optimum color distribution and dry on horizontal drying racks. Feel free to browse the General Finishes color options online; note that colors are affected by the species of wood they are applied to AND can be diluted down to the exact tone the customer is looking for. From the products we use to the product we deliver, you can be sure our quality stands above the rest.


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