September 14, 2017

Yelp Review:  Charles H.

Description:  Kitchen Cabinets

Comments:  "Scott and his team at Cabinet Refresh just completed our kitchen cabinet makeover and the result is amazing.  For some background, our kitchen was only 8 years old but really starting to show signs of wear.  Our cabinets were originally painted on site with lacquer paint.  For anyone that knows about paint, lacquer is very brittle and does not stand up to the daily rigor of usage a kitchen endures.  Cabinet Refresh however uses the best paint in the business, General Finishes Polyurethane.  If you do some research on this paint, it is the most durable paint on the market that can be used in California.  The paint dries quickly, with very very low odor, and is highly resistant to chipping and scuffing.  As far as the whole process, the team sent was kind and courteous, answered any questions we had, paid attention to detail, and cleaned up after themselves like professionals.  After the job was completed, we noticed a slight imperfection, which Scott was prompt to have the guys come back to correct.  We could not be happier with the experience, and have to say this ranks as one of the best transactions we have had with a contractor."

April 10, 2017

Yelp Review: Sasha G.

Description: Kitchen

Comments: "I would highly recommend Cabinet Refresh. They worked with us to fit us into their busy schedule immediately. No construction project comes without its hiccups. Some contractors might throw their hands up in the air and say that's how it goes... but not Scott and Dave. Every time there was the tiniest bump in the road they not only rectified the situation, but went above and beyond to make sure that we were happy customers. They employ talented, hard workers. The finished project is nothing short of breath taking. I am very, very happy with our new kitchen. Thank you Scott and the team."

May 11, 2017

Yelp Review: Geri G.

Description: Kitchen/Hallway/Bathrooms

Comments:  "I would highly recommend Cabinet Refresh!!!  From the start, Cabinet Refresh provided a great experience.  Scott was on-time for a 7:30 am appointment (on a Monday too).  When he said he would send a quote, he did. When he scheduled the start date, the team was right on time.  His team carefully covered the floors and areas that needed to be covered with plastic and paper. I trusted Scott's recommendations and the cabinets came out beautifully-they look like they are brand new!  The cabinets in the kitchen, hallway, bathrooms and desk were sanded, stained (a slightly dark walnut) and finished nicely.   I already recommended Scott to some friends."

December 5, 2016

Yelp Review: Marni G.

Description: Kitchen

Comments:  "Beautiful kitchen family room remodel. Streamline entertainment center. Single basin Kohler stainless steel skink and industrial style faucet. Updated hardware gives a modern look."

March 21, 2017

Yelp Review: Brendan O.

Description: Cabinetry for Bathrooms/Kitchen/Hall/Linen Closet 

Comments:  "Last year we worked with Nathan and his team to refresh all the cabinetry in our fixer upper condo. The bright white finish on the cabinets is excellent they seem impervious to stain and scratching - wine, coffee, pen marks etc wipe clean. The look was very modern and worked perfectly with our kitchen.  I have 2 kids who have not been let's say, 'very gentle' with the cabinets over the past year so we needed several repairs. I called Nathan and they did all the fixes (1.5 hours worth)for free (including a whole new drawer!). That is an outstanding level of customer service.  I would highly recommend Cabinet Refresh their prices are fair and accurate and plan to use them when we buy our next home."

August 1, 2017

Yelp Review:  Catherine S.

Description:  Cabinets

Comments:  "We are very pleased with the excellent job on our cabinets! There were no surprises, everything happened on schedule, and the end result looks terrific!! We are so pleased with this company and will be recommending them to our friends."

August 24, 2017

Yelp Review:  Liz P.

Description: Stairwell

Comments:  "I had such an AMAZING experience with this company. They recently refinished our stairwell in a two-tone white / dark mix and it is gorgeous! The quality and detail of the work was excellent. The team was prompt, thorough, and did an excellent job. I absolutely loved working with Scott! Truly the best contractor experience ever, and I look forward to using them for more refinishing in the future."

June 24, 2017

Yelp Review:  Kira M.

Description:  Kitchen, Staircase railing

Comments:  "We recently purchased a home that had brown oak cabinets everywhere. We hired Cabinet Refresh based on their Yelp reviews and we couldn't be happier. They did an excellent job. We are so happy with everything they did. We had our kitchen cabinets painted, a built-in bookshelf, a hall cabinet, our staircase railing and the cabinets in 3 bathrooms painted. They were here for 6 days, on time every morning at 8am and done by 4/5pm. The quality of their work is beautiful. The crew was great, very friendly and always helpful with our questions. Would highly recommend them for cabinet painting! The only con is waiting to get booked. They are so popular that we had to wait about 3 to 4 weeks from when our estimate was done but it was definitely worth the wait!"

August 31, 2017

Yelp Review: Isabel G.

Description: Kitchen, Bar,  Staircase railing

Comments:  "Scott was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. The crew was prompt, fast and courteous. We had our kitchen and bar sanded and stained as well as the railings on our stairwell and everything looks great! Would not hesitate to work with them again and I highly recommend this company!"

October 20, 2017

Yelp Review:  Claudia K.

Description:  Kitchen Cabinets

Comments:  "Before the repaint, our cabinet looked tired and dull. The repaint along with some very much needed touch ups brought sparks and energy to the entire kitchen. The entire team exhibited proficiency in their art and the result clearly displayed the quality, experience and their excellent attention to detail. Scott and his team has been very easy to work with. Well done!!"

August 30, 2017

Yelp Review:  Kyle D.

Description: Kitchen

Comments:  "Just beautiful! My kitchen is fantastic! Scott and his team are as good as it gets. I wouldn't hesitate to use recommend them to anyone... for real!"

August 20, 2014

Description: Bedroom Beams

Comments: "I cannot say enough good things about Scott and his company. 
I have used them before to re-do my kitchen cabinets, which still look amazing, and I still get compliements on. 
I have a vaulted ceiling in my bedroom with exposed beams. Tthey were originally stained in the 80's, and you can tell it was done in the 80's....horrible color. I was not sure the original wood grains would even show through with such an aweful color underneath. 
I'm not sure how they did it, but they did. 
The new stain is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. You can see the wood grains - its not just a flat color. 
I found my self laying in bed just looking up at the beams. 
The crew is awesome. They are super friendly, and professional, and fast. 
Once they were done, (which took less than 2 days) there was no sign, other than the beautiful newly stained beams, that they had even been there. IMMACULATE! 

Thanks once again for an awesome job!! "

Quality Rating (out of 5):  
Cost (out of 5):  
Timeliness (out of 5):  
Overall Rating (out of 5): 

- Karen M

March 29, 2014

Description: Kitchen remodel-cabinet refacing, cabinet remodeling ,new countertops.

Comments: " We needed help with our outdated 1988 kitchen. Met with Carol first for estimate. She listened to our wishes and gave us an estimate. Carol was very enthusiastic. We then got together with Scott and shared our ideas and he shared his and we got a better vision for our kitchen. They are based in Venice, but had no problem with coming out Riverside way. Crew was always on time and did professional work. All were very friendly and courteous. They fixed any problems that came their way. Scott made sure everything was to our liking ... We now have an awesome kitchen of our dreams. Thank-you Scott and crew! " 

- J M

February 14, 2014

Description: Refurbished kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets and a bar.

Comments:  "Scott was very informative, helpful, honest, professional and fun to do business with.  His crew showed up on time, were very neat and pleasant to deal with and finished the job in 2 days which I did not think was possible.  The results are terrific!" 

- P B

March 01, 2014

Description: We have a large kitchen, all cabinets were refinished and or stained.

Comments: "They were very professional and took great pride in their work. Each day they arrived on time and got he job done on time. The crew were friendly and very accommodating. As a result these talented professionals made a very dated kitchen beautiful." 

- C B

March 03, 2014

Description: Refinished kitchen cabinets, stained three separate bathroom cabinets

Comments: "Scott and Nathan were professional, responsive and overall a pleasure to work with. The crew showed up on time or early each day, and the job was finished in the exact time promised. They did such a good job on the bathroom cabinets we asked them to do two additional bathrooms." 

- Y C

March 06, 2014

Description: The company did a fantastic job on our wood engineered floors.

Comments: "I would say this was a very easy and good job well done." 

- M R

March 07, 2014

Description: Cabinets painted

Comments: "Wonderful crew! Wonderful job! Dealing with everyone in company extremely professional." 

- K T

March 01, 2014

Description: Refinished my maple kitchen cabinets with a beautiful cherry stain.  Also stained and installed new bifold doors and new kickboards.

Comments: "Our natural maple cabinets had been through 22 years of adults, children, and pets and some of the doors were quite beat up looking.  The end result was close to amazing (hard to say amazing when referring to a cabinet refresh but hmm, this is close.)   The process that Scott and his crew follow to remove, clean, stain, and coat the cabinets is extremely efficient (meaning that the down time for you is minimized) and effective.  Scott also did a great job with arriving at the cherry color for our maple cabinets that my husband and I wanted (combination of cherry and rosewood).  He did several samples until we were completely satisfied with the color.  Scott was also able to match the stain for the bifold doors even though they were not maple wood  (they were douglas fir and matching color through staining is not a given with different woods).  The man has talent!" 

- K T

November 15, 2013

Description: Turned my ugly gold cabinets into beautiful dark strained cabinets that now look like I redid kitchen and bathrooms.

Comments: "It went so well, Scott knew just what we were looking for (Once we actually decided to do a stain). I was amazed at how easy the process was, they came in put plastic in the room and covered everything not being stained, set up in the garage because they took all the doors off and sprayed them out there. " 

- I T

December 18, 2013

Description: Scott, who is a polite, engaging and fun yet professional person, came on time and was completely thorough. He measured and remade all my bathroom drawers and did an excellent and timely job.

Comments: "He let me take my time deciding on the drawer faces- his website offers a huge selection of drawer fronts and woods to choose from. That was the hardest part. Once I made my decision, Scott made sure to let me know how long it would all take, then he was ready to install on the day he told me.  His team came in, did a perfectly clean and professional install and cleaned up after themselves." 

- L N

January 30, 2014

Description: Took existing outdated kitchen cabinets and refinished them.

Comments: "This is a small company and the owner is very involved and diligent. I was referred to him by my cabinet maker and was a litle leary because he had to travel approximately 2 hours to get to my house and I was concerned about timeliness and reliability. That was far from the case though. Not only was he punctual and responsive in coming out to do the estimate, but once awarded the job, he was timely and consistently on time. The job took approximately 3 full days and he was always on time early in the morning and worked diligently the entire day. " 

- J M

February 10, 2014

Description: Painted kitchen and laundry room cabinets.

Comments: "Ditto to all previous reviewers.  Scott and his crew are amazing.  My cabinets were originally installed in the 80's and while they are high quality they were dated with a white wash finish and a bit worn to boot.  For years I had wanted to do something but feared a bad paint job would render them worse off.  Then I found Cabinet Refresh and gave them a call.  Scott came out, assured me the paint job would last and that the cabinets will be beautiful...  It took 5 days to do the job but all is perfect and wonderful and I am so happy with my "new" cabinets." 

- J D

August 04, 2013

Description: Came out for a estimate for refinishing kitchen cabinets.

Comments: "Very helpful,but I have been going back and forth about refacing instead. I am still in the process of researching my options. " 

- P S

February 05, 2014

Description: Re-faced linen & utility cabinets.

  Comments: "I am delighted with my new cabinets! Scott and his crew refinished and provided new Shaker-style cabinet doors for my 1959-era cabinets. " 

- J B

January 06, 2014

Description: Refinished kitchen cabinets, including replacing hinges, and refinished fireplace mantel.

Comments: "Scott and his crew were extremely professional and competent.  My kitchen cabinets were the least expensive cabinets that the builder could install and finished with a very clear finished that had yellowed and completely worn off in spots during the past 15 years.  I thought that I would have to replace the doors, but Scott assured me that the doors would look fine when refinished.  The doors look more than fine - they look better than I ever thought possible.  I chose a dark cherry stain with a matte finish.  The finished project gives the kitchen an entirely new look for a fraction ofthe cost of new cabinets and even made the white tile counter acceptable (at least until I decide what kind of counter I want).  I also was extremely happy that the job was completed in two days, especially since I have a lots of cabinets in the kitchen.  I will be using Scott and his crew again to refinish the bathroom cabinets and linen cabinet doors at the end of February.  I also have recommended him to several of my friends and colleagues. "  

- S D

January 13, 2014

Description: Took off old kitchen cabinet doors, removed old shelves.  Painted inside the cupboards, installed new doors, drawers, and shelves.

Comments: "We are very pleased with their work" 

- C O

January 16, 2014

Description: Refinished cabinets in our kitchen and bathroom, also the bannister.

Comments: "This business runs like clockwork.  Our estimate from Carol was painless and accurate.  She arrived on time as did Scott and his crew.  The crew were very professional and conscious of cleanliness and their dust.  They identified and confirmed the fact we did not want a color change on our wood and specified the finish, in our case a Matte.  Our cabinets are white oak and around 25 years of age.  They suffered from the normal wear and tear encountered while raising a family.  The end result for us were cabinets in both the bathroom and the kitchen that look showroom new.  The finish is impeccable and the attention to detail is very good.  They also refinished our stair banister which looks brand new. " 

- G B

January 11, 2014

Description: Refinished countertop by replacing veneer and painting and finishing surface.

Comments: "Scott was very professional in his assessment of the problem with our damages shelf/countertop and suggested a practical and economical solution.  His work was top class and done quickly and efficiently.  The finished product exceeded our expectations for appearance and finish. " 

- D D

December 16, 2013

Description: Refaced my kitchen cabinets.

Comments: " My cabinets are over 30 years old but the footprint is not bad.  The style was dated and the finish was worn.  Scott, the owner, came out soon after my initial call and gave me his opinion on what would look best. .  He was right!!  I took his advice and selected white-white for my new cabinet doors and drawer fronts.  It looks great!  One of my main concerns was the time it would take to complete the project.  Scott said 3 days and it was 3 days.  Scott and his crew arrived each day on time.  I was amazed at the amount of work they got done on the 1st day.  They have their system down to a science, each employee has a distinct responsibility and the process works great.  Once they started installing the doors and drawer fronts I could not believe the transformation.  It was incredible!! " 

- R T

November 28, 2013

Description: Cabinet Refresh was used recently by me for kitchen and cabinet refacing.

Comments: "  Scott the guy who runs the company is very professional and very interested in making me happy and were kind polite and clean. He did it in the amount of days the six days that he said it would be completed and he was a dream in making sure everything I wanted had a positive answer and the end result was perfection. I will definitely recommend him to anyone.  I tell Scott that if any of his future customers want to come in and take a look at what was done they are more than welcome. " 

- L M

October 25, 2013

Description: Refinish kitchen cabinets with faux wood paint job, replaced, patched and installed all new hardware, and refinished hardwood floors.

Comments: "  Of all the contractors we worked with to update our home, Carol and her crew were by far the best, and the only ones I would recommend to friends or family. "  

- P G

September 16, 2013

Description: Refinished cabinets (painted), replaced hardware, installed soft close drawers and cabinets.

Comments: " The project went wonderfully! We had just purchased the house and the cabinets, while in good condition, showed a lot of wear, tear, and scratches. Also the house felt dark because of so much dark wood. Having just purchased the house, we couldn't afford a whole kitchen renovation, so we decided to refinish the cabinets. We were also looking for a little design help and Scott (the owner) came out to give us an estimate and we talked through a few ideas. They were a little backed up so we waited a month before starting the project. The project took about 4 - 5 days, but it turned out wonderfully. " 

- I S

October 18, 2013

Description: Refinishing of cabinet doors, repainting, re-hanging. Also painted cabinet insides.

Comments: " As we're readying our condo for sale, we were looking at several options on updating our cabinet doors.  The doors themselves were fine, but the DIY paint finish looked terrible.  Scott and Cabinet Refresh came to the rescue and gave us exactly what we needed - a professional finish without having to completely replace our existing doors.  Scott's got a busy schedule but took on our smaller condo project quickly and was able to fit us into his calendar.  He was responsive and communicative, there was never an issue getting him on the phone. The whole process only took a day and a half, and we were thrilled with the results.  His crew also went above and beyond making sure things looked right. "  

- N Z

July 02, 2013

Description: Replaced all Kitchen cabinet doors and drawer boxes. Stained old cabinet frame to match new doors and drawers.  Replaced 4 hallway cabinet doors and painted doors white to mach frames.

Comments: " I met with Scott at the appointed time.. I explained that I was remodeling the entire rental unit and was interested in upgrading the kitchen cabinets.  After inspecting the cabinets he recommended that I replace all the doors and the drawers and stain the frame to match.  He was friendly and knowledgeable and answered all my questions in a timely manner.   When ever I had a concern, Scott addressed it quickly.   Since I was planning on replacing the counter tops (separate contractor) I asked Scott to demo the countertops/back splash prior to staining the cabinet frame since I had yet to decide on material or style for then new countertops and backsplash and did not want any portion of the old cabinet stain visible if for what ever reason the new top did not cover the same area along the edge of the cabinets.  The demo was done quickly and the cleanup was excellent.  I subsequently ask Scott about replacing the the hallway cabinet doors.. He made the recommendation to split the existing door design in to two pieces to allow easier access as the hallway was narrow.   I agreed and the doors turned out perfect. " 

- T B

August 16, 2013

Description: Cabinet Refresh completely refinished my kitchen cabinets.  The original oak cabinets had been installed 20 + years ago and had suffered wear and tear, sun and water damage.  Cabinet Refresh cleaned, sanded, primed and painted all door and drawer fronts.

Comments: "  The job was handled perfectly from start to finish.  Scott came on time for the initial estimate appointment.  He was knowledgeable, professionaland had a great sense of humor.  His suggestions were helpful, his estimate reasonable and he was not pushy.  He listened to what we liked and didn't try and talk us into something we didn't want.  The job started on time and finished on time with no problems.  Scott's workers could not have done anything better.  At the end of each work day they cleaned up beautifully. " 

- M B

August 15, 2013

Description: They replaced my kitchen cabinet doors and made new kitchen drawers.

Comments: " This company did a fantastic job in my kitchen! The new doors and drawer fronts look fabulous and flawless. They replaced my drawers and drawer slides so they actually work properly. They also fixed the "lazy susan" in the corner so it turns smoothly. The job was done in 3 days. 2 days were working days and 1 day we waited for a few more doors to arrive. I couldn't be happier with Carol and Scott's professionalism and knowledge. " 


July 24, 2013

Description: Kitchen cabinets painted white and stairs changed from golden oak to expresso

Comments:  " Our kitchen cabinets were a dark brown oak of about 30 years age, making our kitchen look dark and dated.  What an amazing transformation when painted a lacquer white!  Scott was very accommodating in rescheduling our work around other contractors. In addition, the crew did a marvelous job of painting our golden oak staircase which had yellowed.  We had the stair railings, treads, and newel posts painted expresso brown with the balusters and risers white.  Needless to say this was a very demanding task, but all went smoothly. " 

- E K

July 10, 2013

Description: Refaced all cabinets and pulls in kitchen, hallway and front entryway. Removed old wallpaper, painted kitchen walls and ceilings. Removed old and installed new crown molding. Removed large wood range hood and upper cabinets blocking view into kitchen. Created several large drawers and pull out for trash can.

Comments: " Three years before, right after purchasing our first house, we were put off the idea of refacing our cabinets after receiving a high cost quote from Home Depot. ... Scott’s mother Carol was always pleasant and helped communication run smoothly. Scott arrived and thoroughly assessed the kitchen, the age and style of the house and my preference in style for the kitchen.  Rather than bring a large samples doors to choose from, he suggested that a simple, classic door that was in keeping with the style of the house.  While  we discussed our ideas and thoughts, it became clear that Scott was really into designing the kitchen to its best effect and rather than asking me for a whole bunch of questions about choices, or extolling the virtues of a special door hinge, focused on how we could bring about a transformation of our 80’s styled kitchen and make it fresh, functional and current.  By the time he left, we knew we had met the man for the job.Scott arrived one more time after we accepted his bid and took a few more precise measurements, clarifying a few details with me in the process. The first day was a whirlwind.  Scott and his team arrived exactly when they said they would and went right to work.  By the end of the day all doors and drawers drawers were off, the range hood and upper cabinet were gone and a stack of nice custom made maple doors, freshly sanded and painted, were stacked in a work area in the driveway. ... The communications between Scott and his team showed that Scott had a good team and that they all worked very well together.    ... Then came the door handle incident.  Scott had been as kind as to let me tag along with him as he searched for the right kind of pulls for the kitchen doors.  We agreed on a well priced style but it was only available in oiled bronze.  I waffled a bit on the color, but we agreed it would look great.  However, my family had a change of heart and now wanted the brushed silver pulls.  That would have been OK  except for a few things.  Scott’s team was so fast that by the time I could tell them that we wanted different pulls; they were installing the last of the bronze pulls.  The second  issue was that we could not find the brushed silver pulls anywhere.  Scott told me not to worry, he would find them.  And, after zipping around to not one or two stores but a few more than that, he found them!  By the time I came home from work, the bronze pulls were off, the silver ones were on.  They were all smiles at the fact that they had found and installed the new pulls in record time.  Now, where can you find THIS kind of dedication and service with a smile? The end result was amazing. Big change. " 

- A C

July 15, 2013

Description: My kitchen cabinets were refurbished with new doors and draws, a new space was made for a small dishwasher

Comments: " Scott from cabinet refresh was great to work with and delivered an amazing looking kitchen refresh. The work was completed on time and any small issue that popped up during the work was quickly dealt with. The end result was a new-looking kitchen with much more usable space and higher quality draws/cupbords. " 

- D B

May 20, 2013

Description: 1. Sand and stain kitchen cabinet 2. Sand and paint kitchen island 3. Replace side panel on one cabinet

Comments: " It all started with a phone call to Carol. After reading all the great reviews, I called Carol. She was very sweet and personable. She explained that Scott would be contacting me to make an appt. for an estimate. We bought the house in March. We were having a lot of work done to the inside as well as the outside of the house. Scott came in and gave us the estimate and we agreed to have the work done. I was very surprised to see Scott doing a lot of the work himself. When I first met Scott I thought that this is the guy who makes sure the workers do their job. But to my surprise, he wasn't just the boss. He got down to work with the rest of the crew. Scott even worked around all the other work we were having done. He made great professional suggestions and even picked out my pulls and knobs. He was gracious, polite, and professional. ... Scott and his team were great and I would recommend them to anyone looking to update their kitchen. " 

- S A

June 22, 2013

Description: Refinished kitchen cabinets, bathrooms...

Comments: " Scott was prompt, squeezed my job in early and gave me a very reasonable price.  And he has a great eye, aesthetically, and made some helpful suggestions. The workmen were very experienced, professional and super nice guys. And my cabinets look terrific!!! " 

- L Z

June 17, 2013

Description: Refaced all cabinet doors and drawers. Attached the knobs and pulls I had purchased.

Comments: " Carol came out first..took some measurements. next day Scott came out and we discussed exactly what would look best..he recommended the white oak cabinet and it turned out to be a good choice. The day after his visit, he e-mailed me the price and I was quite pleased. ... I had a total of 28 doors and drawers which was a lot in a small kitchen.  Because there was no area in which to paint the doors and drawers, Scott and two of his crew took them to his place in venice and did them there. Only glitch..and it was minor..was that one door had to be redone, but not due to any error on Scott's part. The crew brought it two days later and completed that within a few minutes. I am pleased with my new kitchen.. " 

- J M

June 06, 2013

Description: Refinish kitchen cabinets

Comments: " Scott and his crew at Cabinet Refresh were amazing from start to finish. I absolutely love love love my cabinets.  It looks like I've had my kitchen entirely remodeled. " 

- K M

June 15, 2013

Description: replaced kitchen and bath cabinet doors

Comments: " Scott and his crew were excellent. Their price was 50% less than Home Depot. They arrived on time, and each work day left their equipment neat and in order.   I am not one of those to spend time thinking through details of which hardware, color, style, etc., so i appreciated Scott's help in saying 'this will look great' - I trusted him and it does look fantastic.   The finished produce exceeds my expectations. " 

- M M

April 15, 2013

Description: I had my kitchen cabinets refinished

Comments: " The crew were on time. Very polite, with a real "can do" attitude. " 

- E A

May 27, 2013

Description: Refinished complete kitchen cabinetry and drawers, as well as kitchen island.

Comments: " I spoke to Carol Viers who was very responsive and gave me a no-pressure estimate. The only negative thing I have to say is that it was slightly tough to schedule the job because of their totally packed schedule... however, I can see why they are so busy and booked because they do a fabulous job! Scott Viers and Carol both gave me advice on color options and cabinet hardware and I am really happy with the results. The crew was very professional and courteous and came on time all three days. They also cleaned up quite well before they left. My cabinets started off a caramel color and are now a beautiful espresso finish and they look amazing with the satin nickel hardware! ... The crew worked very efficiently together, and Scott was working alongside them to ensure that they would finish within the work time frame. I am definitely very happy with the whole experience and would use them again. " 

- M S

May 22, 2013

Description: Restained my old oak cabinet

Comments: "  The cabinets look gorgeous!  I was impressed with Scott Viers, the one in charge.  I requested that something additional be done after the job was done and he was paid.  He followed through with my request with no charge.  That showed me that he stands behind this work. " 

- N S

April 22, 2013

Description: Cabinets refinished; hardware replaced.

Comments:  "  Excellent results! Looks great. Wish 2 had done it sooner. Very responsive sales & friendly staff. " 

- K H

October 29, 2012

Description: We decided to remodel the kitchen to get rid of some of the awkward cabinet layout and replace the old style tile counter top.

Comments: " We decided to remodel instead of refinishing as the original kitchen looked dated and even with refinishing still would have some awkward layout and an old style counter top. ... Glad we did it.  " 

- M L

April 20, 2013

Description: I contacted Cabinet Refresh.  Scott Viers, was the one in charge.  He was very capable and so were his employees.  He was very good at helping me choose the color of the stain and doing the sraying of the stain. My house was respected at all times.  Every thing was cleaned up well.

Comments: " Just fine. " 

- N S

March 08, 2013

Description: Painted inside of cabinets and refinished doors

Comments: " The crew was great and fantastic. " 

- N S

April 19, 2013

Description: 1. Added structural support to original cabinets 2. Refaced original cabinets... 3. Granite counter and new fixture 4. Beautiful black sink

Comments: " It was truely a pleasure working with Jeff and Scott. I called on Sunday and Scott returned my call immediatley on Monday. I have a retntal piece of property that needed new kithchen cabinets (33 yrs old) and counter tops. Scott was able to salvage the old cabinets by refacing original cabinets and installing new doors & drawers. My kitchen looks just beautiful! ... Scotts team was in and out in 5 days . Price ,quality and service was excellant and I would definitly use them again. " 

- M E

March 30, 2013

Description: Painted kitchen cabinets white, installed new pulls

Comments: " While not the cheapest cabinet refinisher around, I could not be more pleased with the outcome.  It was worth every penny.  The crew showed up on time all 4 days and they were very nice and pleasant to deal with.  Their prep work and the time they took to completely protect other finishes and the rest of the room, and the quality of their work was superb.  My cabinets look brand new. ... On the last day, both Carol and Scott came by to make sure eveything had gone well.  I cannot say enough good things about them and my experience and I highly recommend them. " 

- J O

February 25, 2013

Description: kitchen cabinets refaced, new drawers and slides installed and a new cabinet built.

Comments: " I am extremely happy with the way my kitchen came out.  Carol and Scott had great suggestions (which I took) and my project turned out better than I could have imagined.  ... I like the look much better.  I also had enough space for them to build a set of cabinets which they finished with a beautiful butcher block top.  This gives me so much more storage space than I previously had. They also replaced all of my drawers with new drawers and slides.  I was so used to having to slam the drawers to close, I am having to re-train myself to just close them gently. ... I know that I got a good price because I had several estimates prior to going with Carol and Scott.  What a difference it makes in my kitchen " 

- K G

March 18, 2013

Description: They refinished cabinet doors and a coffee table.

Comments: " Two totally different finishes but they matched them both perfectly. " 

- M T

March 11, 2013

Description: Refinishing cabinets & floors.

Comments: " They come out better them new. " 

- L O

March 12, 2013

Description: Replaced a number of drawer fronts that were slightly off in size, detailed and painted trim, adjusted cabinet doors heights and drawer handles, replaced cheap trash can pull-out mechanism with a good one.

Comments: " Scott and his team were punctual, polite and a pleasure to work with. They saved me from a terrible kitchen cabinet refacing job a previous contractor had left me with. Scott came up with some clever and economical fixes so that I didn't have the work from the previous contractor all ripped out, and I still ended up with a kitchen that WOWs people. " 

- J I

September 15, 2012

Description: Staining of kitchen cabinets.

Comments: " It went really well. Scott Viers in particular was very responsive, timely, and accommodating. " 

- K N

January 31, 2013

Description: Repaint my kitchen cabinets, put new hinges on my cabinets, remove a portion of excess cabinet wood.

Comments: " Scott and his team are excellent! ... When Scott came to my house, he was very efficient & knew exactly what needed to be done to paint my kitchen cabinets from brown to white, including removing and replacing the old hinges that were too big, outdated and broken. The cabinets were extremely dirty and had a lot of grime and he said they would remove all of it! Not only that, they would be able to start the job right away. He gave me such a favorable rate that we decided to move forward. He said my kitchen would be a huge transformation and he was right! It's beautiful! Scott's team was very professional. They showed up early and on time each day. ... The morning that they first arrived, I decided to ask Scott to also repaint my master bathroom vanity and no sooner did I ask, they were already working on that too. Then toward the end of the job, I decided to see if it was too late to add in 2 more bath vanities and that was no problem as well. He made it happen and got it done! Scott went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with everything throughout the entire process. ... I am so thankful I found Cabinet Refresh. Scott is a great guy, very personal and enjoyed working with him. I recommend Cabinet Refresh, Scott & his crew! They will not disappoint. If we ever need any future cabinet work done or our hardwood floors to be refinished, we'll be contacting Scott again! Thank you!!! " 

- R L

February 17, 2013

Description: Refaced all cabinets in a small condo kitchen and two bathroom vanities.  In total: 17 cabinet doors, 5 drawer fronts, and 2 cabinet side panels.

Comments:  " Scott Viers, the co-owner of the business, super responsive via email, phone, and text throughout the whole process.  Scott was able to get me the exact color I wanted (not too dark, not too light). I love how beautiful my cabinets look!  I'd definitely recommend Cabinet Refresh to all my friends. The price was also very reasonable. " 

- G Y

January 15, 2013

Description: Refinished all kitchen cabinetry, replaced & stained cabinet doors in hallways & bathrooms, stained existing tables

Comments: " Could not recommend anyone more highly.  Far exceeded our expectations.  Work was of highest quality and reasonably priced.  Team was fast, neat and very easy to work with.  The owner, Scott, was very much hands-on ... We are very happy and plan to use them again in the near future. " 

- L G

January 02, 2013

Description: They reconditioned all cabinets, stripped the wood and stained it.

Comments: " They tarped everything, they were neat and clean. We loved the stain color.  All the work was very good. " 

- M V

October 01, 2012

Description: Hardwood floor sanded & stained.

Comments: " The floor look great. " 

- J B

December 15, 2012

Description: Complete cabinet makeover!  All lower and upper kitchen cabinets were refinished and stained to match existing wood colors within other parts of the house and installed all new hardware on doors and drawers.

Comments: " Cabinet Refresh was very professional from the first meeting (in home estimate) to the final day of touch ups and install.  ALWAYS punctual.....even on Christmas Eve when someone stopped by to drill holes and install the cabinet hardware!  Scott and his team were clean and neat and never left my house with tools or trash laying around. The overall experience with Cabinet Refresh was superb! " 

- A M

May 29, 2012

Description: Re-finish kitchen cabinets.

Comments: " Very good. " 

- B R

October 26, 2012

Description: Refinished all of our kitchen & laundry room cupboards removed doors & handles, refinished front and back

Comments: " Very polite, they knew what they were doing and did a fabulous job. We are so happy & pleased! " 

- M&P B

November 01, 2012

Description: Kitchen cabinets refreshed using exact color match

Comments: " It was positive from the estimate, to timely start, good communications, careful, courteous, timely completion as promised. " 

- J&K B

November 01, 2012

Description: Kitchen cabinets re finishing.

Comments: " Very nice, great job in just two days. " 

- T G

September 17, 2012

Description: This project entailed the refinishing of all of our kitchen cabinets and the reconfiguration of some cupboards

Comments:  " The entire Cabinet refresh team was responsive, punctual and professional from the first contact email to the estimate appointment to the final touch up. On the first day of work, a crew of three workers and their supervisor, Jeff, showed up at 8:00 am and went right to work. ... They showed up in force every day on time and put in a solid hard days work. Jeff was on top of everthing--an absolute work horse and expert craftsman. He addressed every concern we had, from color selection to customizing the section to receive the new drawers. The project turned out great. We opted to refinish our existing cabinets because we love their configuration, quality and the fact that they fit in our 1956 house furnished in mid-century. People have asked us, since the project, what we did with our old cabinets. They literally look like new cabinets " 

- M H

October 13, 2012

Description: Wood trim, doors, wainscoting, and kitchen cabinet refinishing and painting.

Comments:  " I have a 100 year old Craftsman and the living room, dining room, and front bedroom are all virtually floor to ceiling wood.....doors, trim, wainscoting.  The wood was finished in a very dark color making the entire house cave-like. ... He responded quickly to my initial inquiry and came out and gave me an estimate.  From the moment he arrived, he had a vision for the process that he wanted to use to transform my house.   He was decisive, but helpful in his recommendations.  ... I was so happy working with them that I made a last minute decision to go ahead and have my kitchen cabinets painted at the same time.  They worked hard and were very conscientious.  They kept the house as clean as possible throughout and cleaned up very throughly when they were finished.   Scott is one of the best people I've had the pleasure of working with as I slowly remodel my house.  He's creative, offers suggestions and advice and does a great job delivering the final product. I highly recommend him. " 

- G B

August 13, 2012

Description: Resurfaced all kitchen, three bathroom, and bar cabinets in a darker color.  Installed 61 new antique brass door handles where there were none before.

Comments:  " I was especially impressed with their knowledge, professionalism, planning, preparation, and the execution of the plan.  They are equipped to do the heavy jobs.  ...  Cleanup at the end of the fourth day was emaculate. " 

- M E

September 04, 2012



- R G

August 08, 2012

Description: Kitchen cabinets "refresh" N-Hance process went from whitewash to golden maple.

Comments: " Workers were on time, courteous, respectful, able to answer questions, cleaned up spotlessly.  Customer service was exceptional. " 

- J G

July 23, 2012

Description: Re-stained kitchen cabinets, living room beams, mantle, bar top and front door.

Comments: " The team was very clean, courteous and did a great job " 

- S J

March 01, 2012

Description: Enhanced kitchen cabinets.

Comments: " Cabinet Refresh did an amazing job. It looks like a completed kitchen. Completed in 2 days for 1/4 the price. Also no toxic smells. " 

- J C

June 13, 2012

Description: Re-finished and repaired the hardwood flooring in my condo.

Comments: " The floors look so much better! " 

- M A

July 06, 2012

Description: Repaired water damage on kitchen cabinets and bedroom closet doors

Comments: " The crew was professional, resourced & talented, and were a depth problem solvers when they go into unexpected situations. " 

- G S

January 01, 2012

Description: Cleaned and resealed wood floor. Refinished walnut kitchen cabinet.

Comments: " This is a lovely crew that went beyond the call of duty, doing extra work without being asked for. " 

- P D

February 15, 2012

Description: They refinished my kitchen cabinets.

Comments:  " They repainted my cabinets, put on new hinges on, and installed new handles. The work is professional. They are very clean and efficient. " 

- R N

June 13, 2012

Description: Cabinet refinishing

Comments: " We had an excellent crew, easy to worth with, neat, worked in a timely manner and we were very pleased with the outcome. "

- E H

August 01, 2011

Description: I have an exquisite dining table and large chair which were stained down.

Comments: " I would never use anyone else for wood restoration and refinishing. " 

- C W

May 30, 2012

Description: Cabinet Refresh refinished my kitchen cabinets.

Comments: " Jeff and his crew were her at 8:00a.m. on the dot and did a great job. ... I am very happy with the results. " 

- P G

May 01, 2012

Description: Our kitchen cabinets, crown moulding and wainscote were refinished.

Comments: " This was so quick, clean and painless! " 

- K B

May 10, 2012

Description: Cabinets were stripped and painted in a beautiful cream color. Kitchen counter stools were also painted.

Comments: " Jeff's team was on time and very neat and considerate of covering up not to make a mess. " 

- C O

April 10, 2012

Description: Refinish hardwood floors throughout. Refinished kitchen island. Replace install kitchen hardwood. Refinished front door.

Comments: " Everyone was courteous professional on time. The quality of work performed was excellent. " 

- L S

May 18, 2012

Description: Cabinets were striped, refinished

Comments: " Excellent, Scott came & did what he said he would do. His crew were polite, efficient and cleaned up after themselves. " 

- C S

February 15, 2012

Description: Kitchen and bathroom cabinet refinishing

Comments: " I am using this co. to refinish entire 16 unit apartment kitchen cabinet and bathroom cabinets. Scott Viers is the owner and he is very sincere to do good job and keep customer satisfied. " 

- J K

May 23, 2012

Description: Cabinet Refresh recently treated my hardwood flooring.

Comments: " Service was prompt - workers were efficient and friendly. " 

- M H

May 11, 2012

Description: Sanded and stained, refinished hardwood floors

Comments: " Scott was punctual and professional throughout. I cannot imagine working with a better company. They are all 1st rate. " 

- J B

May 04, 2012

Description: Floor refinished.

Comments: " It was perfect!. " 

- L T

October 31, 2011

Description: Scott applied powder coating to my existing kitchen cabinet doors then reinstalled them with new hinges and knobs. Scott also painted my kitchen walls and ceiling.

Comments: " I’ve since had many compliments from 4 or 5 of the females whom I have given a tour of the remodeled kitchen. Scott has since done another remodel of my next-door neighbor kitchen and he and his wife are also very happy with the results. I was very satisfied with the work and the extra-mile Scott would go to make sure all the pieces of the remodel puzzle fit together. " 

- P G

May 01, 2012

Description: Cabinet boxes are restained and new door faces installed with hardware.

Comments: " Scott and his employees are 100% professional from start to finish leaving the end product gorgeous! " 

- L A

May 01, 2012

Description: Refreshing my well-worn kitchen cabinets.

Comments: " I got two estimates and chose these guys because they promised to do the job at almost half the cost of the competition, and in a fraction of the time.  Turns out they were great.  Rather than two weeks, they finished in two days!  They had three workers who busted hump and did a great job.  They even came back, at my request, to do some additional touch ups.  Everyone was super nice and easy to deal with. ...  My cabinets now look like new, and I'm going to use these guys to freshen up my wood floors.  I highly recommend Scott and his crew. " 

- A P

November 30, 2011

Description: Scott did a fabulous job refacing our cabinetry and redoing the island and counter tops.

Comments: " The job was easier than we could have imagined. All the major work was done in the time period quoted. " 

- R I